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McMurtry in VR3D

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Jan. 15th, 2010 | 12:43 am
posted by: priti_sohalia in papanez

James McMurtry and the Heartless Bastards will be returning to Videoranch3D to play 2 LIVE shows this Friday, January 15th!

James will be signing his merchandise on stage after each show so you can tell him directly how you want your items personalized! His merchandise will be available for sale at our virtual venue the day of the show. We ship anywhere in the world!

A. Whitney Brown will MC both shows!

Show Times Around the world for Friday January 15th 2010 (Show 1):

Pacific Time: 11AM to 12Noon

Mountain Time: 12Noon to 1PM

Central Time: 1PM to 2PM

Eastern Time: 2PM to 3PM

UK Time: 7PM to 8PM

European Continent: 8PM to 9PM

New Zealand Time: Saturday 8AM to 9AM NZDT

Sydney AU: Saturday, 6AM to 7AM

Tokyo: Saturday, 4AM to 5AM

Show Times Around the world for Friday January 15 2010 (Show 2):
Pacific Time: 6PM to 7PM
Mountain Time: 7PM to 8PM
Central Time: 8PM to 9PM
Eastern Time: 9PM to 10PM
UK Time: Sunday 2AM to 3AM
European Continent: Sunday 3AM to 4AM
New Zealand Time: Sunday 3PM to 4PM NZDT
Sydney AU: Sunday, 1PM to 2PM
Tokyo: Sunday, 11AM to 12PM

I will be hostessing/DJing between shows. Please come join in the fun!

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